BLUHAUZ To Release Self-Titled Debut Album On August 6th

PHOTO CREDIT – (Nicolas Fernandez)

Rock/Blues fans we have some fresh new music complete with all the vibes for our listening pleasure coming out soon and your going to dig the sounds of former Stone Giant singer/guitarist BLUHAUZ. From his home land of Argentina to residing in Miami the path taken has been a journey. Now with his self-titled debut solo album dropping on August 6th we are going to hear that journey. BLUHAUZ you can say has done it all to this point starting from the age of thirteen. BLUHAUZ can thank is uncle for the rockers who influenced the start of his music career, the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, and some Zappa. BLUHAUZ journey started and he quickly learned the path he wanted to take, that path lead to some kick ass rock music we come to expect.

Coming over to America at the age of twenty three BLUHAUZ enrolled in the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston were he stayed true to rock. In 2013, he formed the hard rock band Stone Giant with like-minded classmates Joao Nogueira, Pepe Hidalgo, and Pedro Zappa. BLUHAUZ continued on with Stone Giant, releasing a self-titled album in 2015 and the band also released a well-received EP, NASTY CREATURES, in 2018. BLUHAUZ also stood out at Berklee thanks to legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. When he was nineteen years old, he visited England and first met Page through a personal connection. After seeing a DVD of Led Zeppelin performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, he was invited to Page’s home. “It was such a powerful experience,” he declares. “He saw me play. We had an amazing chat about everything.” Years later, when BLUHAUZ was finishing his studies at Berklee (with a major in songwriting), he invited Page to attend his graduation ceremony. Page accepted, and was in the audience as BLUHAUZ and his classmates performed their final concert. “I basically ended up music directing the whole section of the Led Zeppelin music that night,” he says. (As part of these graduation events, Berklee also awarded Page an Honorary Doctorate.)

BLUHAUZ wants to “PURIFY YOUR SOUL” and with the release of three singles via The Orchard, you can let the cleansing begin. I found the cleansing in the song “PURIFY MY SOUL” this song has it all. Classic rock with some blues ring out in this song, with never ending bluesy guitar riffs, the voice of BLUHAUZ completes the track with his high energy and passion mixed in with his true talents, something everyone in the rock business knows. Blues fans will dig the heavy bluesy sounds. This track is the lead single for a reason. Fall in love kids, you can thank me latter.

Another one of my fav is the second track of the album titled “Give It Back” this video is brilliantly mastered. YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO. This song has a total happy vibe which is displayed throughout the video. As I mentioned with the lead song I’ll say it again in this song, the guitar riffs are criminal they should be illegal, seriously. At one point I’m thinking this would be great guitar solo video instead but no. While being lured in by the riffs your still having fun with this track and then the end hits you hard and trust me your not looking both ways your cranking that dial up. If your not catching some goosebumps from this I would visit your local doctor. Something that stands out in this video is you will see it was done from different parts of the world.

I mean you can’t possible go wrong with this album its impossible. Another fun tune is “Everyday.” This one is about being positive everyday which as life is hard to do. Rock blues is so heavy throughout and just a pleasure to listen to. The 12 song album is a must have, it’s just a well crafted album. BLUHAUZ isn’t completely going it alone: he’s quick to add that he has a trusted team around him. This inner circle includes drummer Pepe Hidalgo (who was also in Stone Giant) and bassist Pablo Della Bella (who also plays with Ricky Martin). On the management side, BLUHAUZ is partnering with Nicolas Boskis, Owl Master Booking, and After College Music. He has also teamed up with Nicolas Fernandez. Andrea Fernandez and Anne Godoneo, who are in charge of his creative content.

Musicians on the album include: Stefano Melillo (violin), Maryel Epps (backing vocals, who’s worked with David Bowie and Nile Rodgers), and Travis Bridges (saxophone). The album was engineered by David Molho, Peter Geiser (drums), and Alexis Rodriguez (drum and bass for “Purify My Soul” and “Give It Back”). The mastering engineer is Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood). It was recorded at GroovyLand Studios (Miami), while the drums were recorded at Revival Recording Studios (which is owned by Earth Wind & Fire in Los Angeles) and the drums and bass for “Purify My Soul” and “Give It Back” were recorded at Silvergun Records (Los Angeles).

The three singles are on digital outlets everywhere and on YOUTUBE and can be viewed in links provided below. By the way if your still curious as to the name BLUHAUZ originated from the band could be found rehearsing in a blue house.


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