Dirty Honey rocks a sold-out Saint Andrews Hall Thursday night.

Saint Andrews Hall in downtown Detroit

Let’s start by saying the show was a banger. The evening started early as I was asked to assist in a photo shoot at the venue. I mentioned that as I was talking with the band during the shoot. Marc Labelle and John Notto made you feel like you been friends with them forever, kind of like hanging in our own backyards. Bassist Justin Smolian and new drummer Jaydon Bean were equally badass. After the shoot Marc spent extra time hanging out with Scott and myself. Thanks for the conversations, Marc Labelle and John Notto true gentleman showing some love for your fans/photographers.

Austin Meade performing live at Saint Andrews Hall Thursday night opening up for Dirty Honey

The night kicked off with some Texas flare from San Antonio rocker Austin Meade. First time catching Austin and well the set was pretty good. Meade brings some country and southern rock vibes to the party. The 11-song set was definitely rocking the sold-out venue. Austin is definitely worth showing up early for. A short tear down quickly moved along after the 50-minute set and signs of DH were visibly.

The clock rang nine and it was party time Dirty Honey style. Screams from high above and all around greeted the boys from LA who formed back in 2017 opening with “Can’t Find the Brakes” off their new album a high tempo song in my opinion. Imagine being in a boxing match and getting hit with a 1-2 punch, SAH got punched right out of the gates with another banger “California Dreamin'” take it easy on us guy’s it’s only just begun. The 17-song set had it all very well balanced indeed delivering hit after hit, the crowd was definitely going to have some sore necks after tonight. Guitarist John Notto needed some band aids after shredding the guitar all night with some guitar solos and some kick ass talent on the acoustic guitar during the cover from the Rolling Stones “Honky Tonk Women.”

Marc Labelle performing live at Saint Andrews Hall in downtown Detroit Thursday night.

Marc knows how to work a crowd and that he did with tracks like “Heartbreaker” and “Coming Home.” The highlight of the evening for me was the cover “Honky Tonk Women” The acoustic cover was phenomenal I just loved the country twang from John Notto on guitar. The crowd was totally into clapping and dancing all song. The other highlight was the Prince cover “Let’s Go Crazy.” Take a bow Marc you totally delivered a masterpiece, Prince would approve, I think. If you been reading up to this point you would know I made reference about the guitar shreds delivered by Notto holy hell what a display that was, you need a box of band aids after that. If you didn’t catch a goose bump or two you are not alive my friend.

Dirty Honey new drummer Jayden Bean performing live at Saint Andrews Hall Thursday night

The night ended with a couple of classic tracks “Rolling 7s” of their “Dirty Honey” back in 2019 and “Satisfied” The band played back-to-back Michigan shows with a stop at the Intersection in Grand Rapids the following night. Over hearing folks at the Detroit show about going to the GR show, it shows you what the band brings and that’s some kickass ass rock and roll with some 70’s vibes with some bluesy notes thrown in. DH gets it and we thank you for it. The tour ends December 15th so you have plenty of time to see the band in a city near you. Click here for more info.