Downtown Detroit Hit With The Sickness

Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit was treated to one hell of a show. 15 thousand plus fans welcomed the Evolution tour on Tuesday night. Touring with Disturbed is Canada own rockers, Three Days Grace, and only 3 months into the new year, last night show will go down as one of the top concerts of the year at LCA. With a show time start of 7:30 the energy level was kicking into high gear with every arriving fan. Getting closer to the time the arena goes dark, Three Days Grace is out and opening with The “Mountain”. I must say the 12 song one hour set was badass, closing out the set with “Riot”. 3DG definitely set the tone.
Three Days Grace

The disturbed one’s didn’t have to wait to long. Just shy of 9 o’clock the word’s of are you ready belted out. The time was here, Disturbed opened with their hit “Are You Ready” off their 7th studio album titled Evolution. The heavy metal fans would soon be consumed by David Draiman, John Moyer, Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren. A song of mention last night was Stupify, tonight we are brothers, we are sisters, tonight we are family, was spoken by Draiman. A loud cheer from the metal heads rang throughout the arena. Moyer and Dan playing to the crowd, Moyer breaks out into a guitar jam one word, Sick!

Disturbed “Evolution Tour”

One of the more personal setting s of being close with the fans that took place was, Hold on to Memories, with the lights low, cell phones lit, arm’s swaying back and forth the crowd singing with David till the end. After Memories Moyer goes full attack mode owning the bass during his bass solo. It was Mike’s turn to rip the sticks the backbone of the band put on a phenomenal drum solo leading into Draimen asking Detroit to Let me see those motherfucking fists in the air, with more then 15 thousand fists in the air the high level energy picked back up with “Ten Thousand Fists In The Air” followed by The Game. As I mentioned crowd interaction is big on this tour. During The Game, David walks down to the rail crowd a.k.a. front row and gets up close and personal singing to the disturbed ones, definitely brought the goosebumps after that.

David Draiman of Disturbed

Sharing love for all who are affected by the daily demons David’s words appear in the background telling all together we can help, we are family, a touching moment to say the least. The classic hit from Simon & Garfunkel The Sounds of Silence was a show stopper for sure. David’s voice mezmorised the crowd with his passion, heart, and energy along with the flames burning in front of the piano leaving the crowd in awe. The pyros for this show are killer and over the top with a first for me seeing burning ropes above the stage.

David Draiman

The first song of the encore was “The Light”. David invites 2 kids, and mom and dad on stage to join the band during the song, a song about seeing the light at the end of all the dark patches we must travel through. Closing out the night the disturbed ones got a taste of “The Sickness” that was spreading through LCA sending them home disturbed for sure. From heavy metal, to ballads, to the mosh pit in general admission it clearly shows how Disturbed has evolved as a band. The two hour set was truly world class from start to finish.

Dan Donegan of Disturbed