Echosmith Releases “Sour” and Announces Self-Titled Album Out July 28 Releases “Sour” and Announces Self-Titled Album Out July 28

Multi-platinum alt-pop trio Echosmith have released their single “Sour” along with the announcement of their brand new self-titled studio album Echosmith, out July 28.

Featuring front woman Sydney Sierota’s silky vocals and a grandiose synth-wave production by Noah Sierota, “Sour” was inspired by Sydney’s frustration and anxiety about being long-distance with her husband and her commitment to putting their relationship first. Embracing the entire creative process and taking full ownership for the first time, “Sour” was fully written by the band as is much of the rest of the upcoming album.

“Sometimes long-distance relationships can leave a bitter taste. The space apart makes you worry: is this helping us grow stronger or are we just growing apart? Is what we gain really worth it? ‘You’re taking a plane and you’re taking my heart’ hits home extra hard because it’s literally about my husband being a pilot in Florida while I lived in California. On opposite sides of the country, we were chasing our dreams and chasing each other but writing this song helped me realize what’s really important — being together. ‘Sour’ was born out of a really hard season but now that I’m on the other side, I’m thankful for what we learned. ‘Sour’ is exactly that – it’s bittersweet,” says Sydney.

More than 10 years after first releasing music, the choice to self-title their album Echosmith is a significant one and deeply meaningful to Sydney, Noah and Graham as it represents a fresh perspective and a very intentional, liberating approach to their artistry. After starting their careers so young and absorbing the influences of the industry, the band began to ask themselves what kind of music they truly wanted to make. Deciding to boldly strip away all they have known, they embarked on a new independent era with total creative freedom and began songwriting and producing alone (a first for the band) as a form of therapy and a way to have fun, to see what would organically transpire. The result is both a sonic shift and a return to their roots as they strip back the pop polish, embrace their true indie spirit, and take an alt-pop direction that best represents the original musical heart of the band. The forthcoming album, which also features previously released songs “Gelato,” “Hang Around,” and “Hindsight,” reveals who Echosmith really is at their core as young adults and as a family, exploring their marriages, doubts and anxieties, their spiritual journey, and their evolving perspective on life after a phase of tremendous personal growth on their own journeys.

Last year, Echosmith’s beloved triple-platinum hit “Cool Kids” had a resurgence when it began trending on TikTok as users and celebs alike made videos using a sped-up version of the song to look back at their younger selves and appreciate how far they’ve come – serendipitous timing as Echosmith was thinking about their past and contemplating their future. The trend inspired the band to reimagine the song as if they were releasing it now, so they surprised fans by dropping the brand new “Cool Kids (our version).” Check out the performance at Billboard studios HERE.

Stay tuned for more album details to be announced soon!