Fozzy “Save the World tour” SOLD OUT at The Machine Shop

FOZZY will be owing the Machine Shop on Saturday April 1st and that’s no April fools, sorry I went there. The sold-out venue will have ‘Nowhere to Run’ a killer cut from FOZZY. Coming along for the ride will be Seventh Day Slumber along with the Nocturnal Affair, doors for this show are at 6:30. For more on this show please press here:

Chris Jericho + FOZZY kick off the ‘Save the World’ tour at the Diesel Concert Lounge on March 31st

Having the opportunity to cover FOZZY twice, the first being at The Shelter in downtown Detroit and then at the Diesel Concert Lounge in Chesterfield, Michigan to kick off his “Save the World tour”. Both of those shows came packed with some high energy from start to finish along with some killer guitar riffs and not to mention the pyros and Chris Jericho himself delivering like he only can, kind of like his wrestling days when you know when ‘RAW IS Jericho’ that kind of attitude night in and night out. If you haven’t secured your ticket by now shame on you. For those of you who do have a ticket don’t forget your neck brace.

A little something for you:

On April 4, 2019, Fozzy announced that they were signing with Sony Music. Following this, they announced they had entered the studio to begin recording of their eighth studio album, later tentatively named as 2020 due for release in 2020. Chris Jericho debuted the album’s first single, “Nowhere to Run” during a broadcast of The Rock of Jericho on August 23. “Nowhere to Run” was later released on August 29, 2019. However, in July 2020, Chris Jericho said the album’s title had been scrapped, and the release was pushed to 2021. “The original idea was to call it ‘2020’, until we realized that we’re not going to have this thing done till November/December, so it’s not as contemporary anymore to put out an album called ‘2020’ when it’s 2021. Let’s just leave it behind. The album, re-titled Boombox, was eventually released on May 6, 2022

‘Horns up America and keep rocking’