New “Made To Be” Lyric Video Remix Premiered by Beliefnet

Rising Inspirational Pop singer/songwriter NEDY, takes her anti-bullying anthem “Made To Be” to a whole new level with the release of her new remix, perfect for any upbeat playlist, along with an accompanying lyric video. The high-energy tune makes you want to dance along with NEDY, spreading self-love and positivity. Taking a stand against the trauma of bullying many experience, NEDY’s heartening lyrics encourage everyone to feel comfortable in the skin that God gave them. Her passion for authenticity and happiness shines through the release of her new remix and lyric video for “Made To Be,” exclusively premiered by Beliefnet. Stream/download HERE.

Watch the “Made To Be” Lyric Video Remix premiere by Beliefnet here.

“The ‘Made To Be’ Remix is a fun, more upbeat version with the same message of self-value and belonging! My hope is to give people something positive and life-giving to listen to while having a good time!” shares NEDY.

NEDY recently released the “Made To Be” tour edition video, premiered on Fox 5 Las Vegas, and created the Friends Forever Club, playing hand in hand with the concept of the single to combat childhood bullying. Offering a shoulder to lean on, the club is a safe space for those going through troubling times of self-doubt fueled by damage of bullying and acts as a friend to those experiencing this hatred firsthand. Keep up with NEDY on social media as she announces multiple projects in the works! Fans will not want to miss the iconic force and kind soul. NEDY has recently been interviewed by NBCLX, Newsmax, OCTV,, and more.

There have always been those whose hearts dance to the beat of a different drum, those who see the world in a different way, and those who find our differences far more beautiful than our similarities. NEDY is one of those people. Armed with an enchanting spirit and a musical talent that is nothing short of stunning, NEDY is an inspirational pop artist poised to lead her loyal fandom into a brighter future. Her new single “Made to Be” now serves as the cornerstone to a new chapter in her career, in which her artistic soul never again tries to mold into someone else’s expectations. THIS is the music that NEDY has waited a lifetime to create.

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