Parti Gras tour rocks Pine Knob Thursday night

Bret Michaels kicks off his Parti Gras tour 2023 Thursday night July 13th at Pine Knob

Bret Michaels is no stranger to Pine Knob having played here seventeen times with Poison, on Thursday night Michaels brought some friends with him to Clarkston, Michigan and it was one big backyard party. The Parti Gras tour kicked off right here in Detroit rock city and it was a total banger. The evening kicked off at 7:00 p.m. with the iconic rock band Jefferson Starship lead out by lead singer Cathy Richardson and original member David Freilberg to perform their classic hits we all grown to love. The 30-minute set was short but sweet to say the least. The 5-song set contained all the classic hits starting with “Find Your Way Back” continuing on with “Sara” followed by “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” “We built This City” and ending with a couple of my favs “Jane” and “Somebody To love” like I said short but very sweet. Cathy Richardson sounded amazing and immediately took me back in time to my younger days all those classic tracks I listened to damn, that was a good time. The crowd started growing very quickly fans of all ages groups were having a grand old time and it was about to get crazy.

Taking the stage shortly before eight was another iconic band Night Ranger, strap in folks your about to go on a ride, a ride down the 80’s memories lane. Opening up the 50-minute set with “Rock In America” was crazy good feeling and a great way to get the blood following if it already wasn’t. This being my first time covering or seeing Night Ranger this was going to be a treat for sure. Singer Jack Blades asked pine knob you guys want to hear some Damn Yankees and well you can imagine the response a defying roar followed, and the juice was flowing at a different level with “Coming of Age” holy hell! The highlight of the set came when the band played “Night Ranger” from its 1982 debut album “Dawn Patrol” that featured a killer drum solo by Kelly Keagy. The set ended with the iconic “Sister Christian.” The band is celebrating their 40th anniversary. The hard rock band we grew up with including myself listening to them at a backyard party or in my car on my way to school was amazing time to belong to one of the best eras in music the 80’s. After the set ended, I heard nothing but holy shit! that was an amazing set by Night Ranger, to man they still got it, too DAMN that was great from the first timers including myself. The iconic band some 43 years later is still bringing it and I want to say thank you for all the great years of rock-n-roll. The band is doing a free show on July 19th in Albany, NY. that show and three other shows remain. Click on one of the Night Ranger for more on that you don’t want to miss out.

Night Ranger performing at Pine Knob – Parti Gras tour 2023 – pictured are Jack Blades and Keri Kelli

After a much needed break the crowd of around 10,000 plus started heading back to their seats ready to be part of history with the first ever Parti Gras tour about to go down. “Thunderstruck” was blaring over the PA system ending with Bret Michaels and his six-piece band taking the stage at 9:15 p.m. Michaels let’s Pine knob know how fired he was. I am fired up, my heart is going Michigan! you guys ready to party let’s go! “Talk Dirty To Me”, what a banging way to open the evening. After making it through that opening song Michaels addresses the crowd again, ‘with this next song “Ride the Wind” was filmed right here in Detroit, Michigan at Joe Louis Arena back in 1990′. I love coming to Detroit you guys know that seeing some familiar faces on every stop and just partying with you guys is special. Pine knob feels like my backyard, and you are all invited to the biggest party of the year.

The crowd was definitely into “Ride the Wind” with cell phones in hand lit up with arms swaying back and forth, what a scene it makes looking out at the hill from main floor. The hits kept on coming with “Your Mamma Don’t Dance” a crowd fav for sure with everyone dancing in their seats and the aisle ways the backyard get together was in full swing. As I mentioned Michaels brought some friends with him to party. The mode went up a notch when Sugar Ray Mark McGrath took to the stage sporting his ‘FLY’ Hawaiian print shirt and sang “Every Morning” with Michaels joining McGrath on stage playing bongos and taking it all in. McGrath delivered the one two punch with “Fly” following and the pine knob crowd went off! That wasn’t it for McGrath as he later joined Michaels for a pretty dope version of Sublime’s “What I Got” goosebumps for sure.

Decked out in his Parti Gras tour tank top and having changed into five different hats Michaels asked for the dozen local veterans to come up on stage and join him for “Something To Believe In” “We thank you guys for all you have done and do, without you this isn’t possible. Picture the scene yes, you guessed right not a dry eye to be found all standing and screaming “USA” “USA” the song always leaves you with that warm cozy feeling inside. Michaels does this on every tour but pretty special when it goes down in your hometown. Are you guy’s still with me, I sure hope so “Unskinny Bop” had the place engaged and throwing some horns and maybe even needing a neck brace the next morning a favorite among the followers. A pretty cool highlight from the night was the sea of lit cell phones going coast to coast during “Every Rose Has It Thorn.” Speaking of friends Michaels invited former Journey singer Steve Augeri onto the stage sporting his white pants and a red jacket with Bret exiting Augeri breaks out with a Journey classic “Separate Ways” I told you this was a banger party didn’t I. Augeri then took us on a trip down the 80’s memory lane with “Anyway You Want It” wait there’s more, Augeri comes back with two more uppercuts delivering “Faithfully” and “Don’t Stop Believing” the place went into a rage, we were just treated to a mini Journey concert at a Bret Michaels show holy hell!

Bret Michaels – Parti Gras tour opening night at Pine Knob – July 13, 2023

Closing out this wild night with one of Michaels favorite songs “Sweet Home Alabama” is a must see for sure. Michaels invited out the entire cast of members and even the local dress like Bret Michaels contest winner onto the stage. Everyone on stage took their part in singing with Michaels some recording the entire song for those one-of-a-kind memories, filled with laughs and smiles thanking Michigan for one hell of a PARTY! We love you some you, you are the greatest rock and roll fans until next time Michigan and just like that it was over. The tour is a short 12-city party so get out and experience the fun in a city near you. ‘Keep rocking America your not dead and either is rock-n-roll until next time. Below is my Bret Michaels gallery.