Snoop Dogg lights up pine knob Sunday night

Pine Knob – High School Reunion Tour – July 23, 2023 – The thick cloud of smoke starts to form.

Pine Knob Music Theatre is an outdoor venue located in Clarkston, Michigan good thing it is. Snoop Dogg brought his High School Reunion Tour to pine knob and Snoop didn’t come alone. Joining Snoop on this sold out tour the wizard Wiz Khalifa, Warren G. and Too Short talk about old school hip hop. Pulling into the venue a little after 7:00 you can’t help but notice it’s going to be a great night. As I mentioned earlier walking up to the photo area you could see a thick cloud of smoke from the early birds luminated by the sun setting in the west over the hill. Taking the stage around 7:30 for some old school rap Warren G. made is way out and down the hallway well not really but with the stage setup with lockers and a school name sure felt that way. The set list was short but sweet. The crowd stood all night long throwing hands in the air waving them like they just don’t care to dancing, to lighting up cell phones and let’s not forget lightning up the Mary Jane, enough to share with a couple surrounding cities. Regulate Warren G. style.

Warren G. – performs on stage at Pine Knob – July 23, 2023

Following Warren G. was another old school rapper Too $hort, taking the stage asking the crowd to get up and in I want to see some booty shaking and those titties which was followed by a large roar. $hort played some of his iconic songs like his biggest hit ‘Blow the Whistle’ along with ‘I’m a Player’ both songs getting the much larger crowd all juiced up. The 30-minute set was a crazy ass good time. At the end of his set Too $hort chatted with the pine knob crowd saying he loves coming to Detroit nothing like Detroit love but damn I never seen this many white people in Detroit. The crowd was feeding off the energy and shared the love right back.

Too $hort – performs live on stage at Pine Knob on July 23, 2023

With only a short break in between acts next up on the stage the 35-year-old Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa delivered a crowd-pleasing set. Wiz is a veteran in this game delivering rap swagger like no one can opening with ‘Black and Yellow.’ The 40-minute set was a rapper dream come true. The moment was finally here fans from all around were about to get it doggy style! The lights go down stage becomes smoky jumbotron turns orange out of nowhere in his G ride a Dogg appears. Snoop strolls out of the ride to a thunderous roar from the sold-out crowd. Snoop is doing his thing on stage smoking a blunt, and que music the sounds of La-da-da-da-dah got everyone all nasty Detroit, make some motherfucking noise, light that shit up. There was plenty of Mary and her friend Jane to go around. Damn It! that was dope! Snoop his defintely the price of admission delivering song after song bring old school like Notorious B.I.G. ‘Hypnotize’ G Funk intro was pretty cool chillin on the caddy all while sippin some ‘Gin and Juice.’

Wiz Khlifa performs live on stage at Pine Knob – July 23, 2023 – High School Reunion Tour

Couple of highlights of the night were dedicated to hip hop icon 2Pac with ‘California Love’ and ‘2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted’ another cool hip hop moment came when the wizard Wiz Khalifa joined Snoop on stage for ‘Young, Wild & Free’ I have covered Snoop Dogg now three times and every time it only gets better. As Snoop would say “Smoke Weed Everyday”

Snoop Dogg and the High School Reunion Tour hit Pine Knob – July 23, 2023

Snoop Dogg High School Reunion Tour lights up Pine Knob