Christopher Shayne Brings THE SOUTHERN COMFORT

Who doesn’t like a little southern comfort every now and then. Arizona native Christopher Shayne delivers just that the good for the soul southern comfort rock feel. The band new LP TEN HIGH is out now and its bringing that southern heat along with it. The seven track LP is very well balanced and delivers that good old southern rock attitude with some southern blues. My favorite tune on the LP and just might end up being yours is “POUR THE BOTTLE” What a ass kicking song this is, delivering that foot stomping, arm hair raising, blood pumping, I wanna be part of the band, riff shredding, feeling that makes you hit the replay button over and over. Christopher brings raw emotion with lyrics his fans can relate to.

The song Ten High comes with that blues flare which I totally dig and is all about taking it easy with a modern twist and different blends added in. The two songs I have mentioned so far are my favorites. Listening to the album I was trying to find a voice comparison to and I come up with Chris Cornell with hints of Myles Kennedy a great comparison I must say. Putting a grade on this album is pretty easy one a perfect 10/10. There is only one way to play this album and that is LOUD! The young artist is rising fast in the business and your going to want first in line once touring starts back up. Be part of the journey and have fun which every song his about, taking you back in time for a moment. For now you can checkout the video links provided below and see for yourself what all the talk is about.

Pour The Bottle Video
Ten High Video
Any Given Sunday
Christopher Shayne Facebook
Official Website