One word “INCREDIBLE” Oh Alice you did Michigan right!

Alice in Chains – Pine knob music theater – August 18, 2022

It’s been three years since the grunge band from Seattle, Washington has toured America, and it was well worth the wait. Alice in Chains brought their American tour 22 to Michigan Tuesday night at the Pine knob music theater and well, it was incredible! The sold-out crowd arrived early with music starting at 5:30. Upon arriving at the venue it was already packed with folks getting their party on early. Starting off the evening was the band, The L.I.F.E. Project a new band formed by Josh Rand (Stone Sour) who are on hiatus by the way, teaming up with (Paralandra) singer and guitarist Casandra Carson. The seven-song set was an electrifying primer, setting the tone for the evening. Taking the stage shortly after was Bush. I’ve never seen Bush before and let me tell you, if you haven’t yet you are missing out.

Benjamin Burnley – Breaking Benjamin

Opening up with “The Kingdom” frontman Gavin Rossdale brought the energy from the start. Things became more amped up with the second song from the set “Machinehead” the Pine knob crowd was off the hook displaying a sea of horns up gestures. During the set Gavin Rossdale didn’t care about sweating made his way from the stage clear up to the hill to rock out with the folks up there. Thats a good distance from the stage I will say. The crowd went into frenzy mode, and it was on. It sure was a great first impression and a lasting one at that. Approaching the eight o’ clock hour the adrenaline level was about to go through the roof as Breaking Benjamin took to the stage. With the curtain up, the crowd standing and chanting Breaking Benjamin it was time. Kicking off the sixteen-song set was “Blow me Away” a fitting song to open with as Pine knob was already blown away in more ways than one. Complete with pyros, BB was delivering some high-octane levels of energy all while feeding the faithful the music they have grown to love with some taking a trip down memory lane. The one hour and ten-minute set ended with “The diary of Jane”

Gavin Rossdale – Bush

It was finally time for some ass kicking, foot stomping, guitar shredding, I need a neck brace, in your face sing with me music. The clock struck 9:40 and the sellout crowd rose and gave a thunderous roar for the 90’s grunge band. Pine knob went into dark mode, the purple lights hit the stage, with the sounds of guitar chords teasing the packed house. The lights go up and out comes William DuVall with the arms up gestures to the crowd, going from right to left checking out the Michigan rockers. The stage featured some great lightning, colorful at that. AIC opened with “Again” off their 1995 album Alice in Chains

William DuVall – Alice in Chains

About halfway through the set AIC sang “Nutshell” a nice tribute to the late great Layne Staley and Mike Starr. The night was one big party filled with sing alongs heavily displayed with on the back end of the set. I had a lot of friends in attendance with each and every single one of them doing a sing along video to their favorite song. It was so thick in there with the sea of people, we had to take the bridge back across to our VIP area. I’ve never seen that in all my time going to pine knob, nor did I know there was even a bridge there, that was on the other side of the hill. You could just feel the energy hitting you in every which way, and if you didn’t you did not belong there.

William DuVall – Alice in Chains – at Pine knob

The set would end with a couple of bangers, and I do mean bangers! “Would’ of the bands 1992 album “Dirt” started the sing alongs that could be heard from afar. You better have kept a little energy for the last song of the night, my favorite and I’m sure everyone else’s “The Rooster” ended the night on a high note. DuVall asking the crowd to feel free to sing, that wasn’t necessary they had already beat him to the punch. Jerry Cantrell took the lead vocals all while doing his customary shredding like he done all night. DuVall, telling Detroit you got this, ending the evening with everyone wanting more of AIC. DuVall thanked the packed house and said we hope to see you again. You are more than welcomed back, the MotorCity loves you. Below is my gallery from that night. Remember America, horns up and keep rocking!

Alice in Chains rocks the hill at Pine knob