Ted Nugent Shreds Freedom Hill

Ted Nugent

The MotorCity madman Ted Nugent brought some “Detroit muscle” to freedom hill Saturday night. Uncle Ted also brought some surprises with him for the hometown show. Nugent was scheduled to go on at nine, that was the first surprise of the night. Terrible Ted went on early with an 8:30 start that no one seen coming. Ted opened the night with the star-spangled banner, I wanted to see that. The shredding was about to get started. Ted addressed all the shit kickers in attendance and went right into “GONZO” the crowd was loud and ready to go. The second surprise of the night happened when Ted had Jim McCarty & Johnny Badanjek join him on stage with a trip down memory lane playing “Jenny Take a Ride” to the delight of the crowd it was well received. While on stage uncle Ted took the time to wish long time local DJ Doug Podell and his wife Sue a happy anniversary for the third surprise of the evening. The fourteen-song set ended with the classic “Fred Bear” A great set indeed for the hometown folks. Below is my show gallery from that night. Horns up and keep rocking America!

Detroit Muscle flexed Freedom Hill Saturday night