Paramore cast a spell on the LCA Wednesday night

Early arrivals making their way inside Little Caesars Arena Wednesday evening.

Before I begin, I’m just going to say it right now Haley you are such a badass! Paramore owned Little Caesars Arena Wednesday night in downtown Detroit and that was ok with the 22,000 plus fans in attendance. Paramore formed back in 2004 in Tennesse and has made some huge strides along the way. Haley took time to tell the fans in attendance how special it is playing in Detroit making note the first time hearing their song “Misery Business” on the radio. Speaking of those strides made along the way like right here in Detroit playing in the basement called the Shelter at the historic Saint Andrews Hall in the heart of Detroit. Halfway through the 22-song set Haley noted it’s been a full decade since the band played arenas. I caught the band back in 2018 at Pine Knob here in Clarkston, Michigan which was a sold-out show, to now playing sold out arenas the strides are incredible indeed.

Haley Williams – performing at the LCA in downtown Detroit

Paramore’s Hayley Williams is the total package from start to finish owning the stage complete with Rockett style leg kicks to getting some air with some jumpers to playing crouching dragon right in front of your eyes all while belting out Paramore classics. Paramore has definitely cemented their place in the music scene and rapidly gaining fans around the world. The band is currently promoting their latest album “This Is Why” One highlight from the show was when the three core members Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro were cleared for takeoff playing on a floating stage belting out “Liar” and Haley’s song “Crystal Clear” further getting the sold-out crowd all lathered up again before safely landing inside the LCA.

There was a large screen behind the entire stage and above them was a structure made of two trapezoids, surrounding a large circular hole in the middle of it. The structure moved up and down, as well as shift to different points in time with the music throughout the set. In all the stage was your basic setup complete with pyros but having great vantage points for viewing. Another highlight from the set, Haley is not shy about her feelings chatting with her family throughout the night and by the looks of it you could see the connection and emotions on the faces with some in tears. Fans should note that Haley brings up a fan to sing “Misery Business” with her, a lifetime dream come true for one lucky fan this has happened at every show so far, making for a family event kind of feeling. The power of music is such a beautiful thing isn’t it.

Haley Williams – Paramore

The new album “You First” kicked off the evening, with Williams sporting a blue sport coat and blue shorts complete with high leg kicks and headbangs, the electricity level could be felt in Canada just a short five-minute drive away from the downtown area. The band paused for a moment during the set while the LCA staff tended to a fan on the main floor. Making mention of another highlight which was very cool to the eyes while leaving you with some goosebumps came when the arena turned into fireflies with cell phones lights lighting up the LCA during “The only Exception” a much safer way than the old back in the day of using lighters. Closing out the night with “This is Why” complete with enough confetti to stuff a pinata left the fans in awe and not wanting to go home.

Genesis Owusu – on tour with Paramore

The band is currently on tour and will be coming to a city near you. If I were you, I would not hesitate to see them in that city near you. You can come back and thank me later. Also on tour with the band are openers Genesis Owusu who you can catch on your local indie radio channel along with the UK band Bloc Party. If you ever been to a warped tour you know what to expect, a big old Bloc Party.

Bloc Party – at Little Caesars Arena – June 7, 2023

Below is my Paramore gallery. Horns up America and keep rocking.

Paramore rocks the LCA Wednesday night