Slayer farewell Tour | Michigan Lottery Ampitheatre | Sterling Heights, Mi. | 5. 27. 18 |

Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre opened with a bang Sunday night as Slayer kicked off the outdoor concert series at Freedom Hill. Thrash metal fans mixed in with some heavy metal fans came from all over to witness one of the best concerts to be played at Freedom Hill this year. Yes, I just said that. To top the high in your face energy, and probably the best sounding concert I been to in long awhile along with the metal mosh pit will be difficult to top. The event kicked off about 5:00 p.m. with metal fans arriving well in advance when the gates opened at 3:30 to begin a night full of head banging and partying.

Thrash metal band Testament opened things up with “Brotherhood of the snake” it was about a 40 minute set but the crowd enjoyed every second of their beloved band they all support. Up next was a band from Gdansk, a Polish extreme metal band called Behemoth which was a first for me hearing them and as it goes first impression always the best impression. I liked what I heard as Behemoth definitely brings great stage presence and delivers incredible energy to their fans. As more fans come in you can feel the emotions rising as Anthrax was set to take the stage next. The heavy metal band from New York definitely know their way around the stage with ass kicking energy from Scott Ian to lead singer Joey Belladonna taking it to the crowd.

Speaking of Belladonna and his fan interaction, a moment not to be forgotten happened as Joey came across the stage from getting his fans involved and stop and grabbed my friend and photographer camera and started taking crowd shots and a selfie before giving the camera back. I was there capturing the moment not to be forgotten. You can see some of the images in the gallery section under Anthrax

Could it possible get better, you bet as Lamb of God made their way to the stage. The heavy metal band from Virginia which is lead by frontman and highly energetic Randy Blythe is just one sickening band you must check out. From the flying dreads to the high leaps off the drum set to running back and forth leaping across the stage is just a badass must see even the mash pit gained in size but stayed in control which is always a plus. LOG as played Ozzfest twice, also touring with Metallica’s World Magnetic Tour. As the stage changed over for the Metal Gods’ Slayer, the chants of Slayer.. Slayer.. began. The curtain finally dropped and Slayer appeared in front of the thousands who came out and witnessed what come be the final concert in the bands 37 year history which is just filled with all kinds of accomplishments. Slayer played all their smash hits opening with “Repentles followed “Blood Red” and “Disciple. This is a must see for all you metal heads out there. Check out all the tour dates by going here>>