Ted Nugent says Adios to Michigan

Ted Nugent performing live at the Michigan Lottery Ampitheatre August 11, 2023

The Michigan Lottery Ampitheatre Friday night was loud and very electric in more ways than one. The Michigan skies were filled with lightning streaks in the far distance adding to a rebel rouser kind of night. The MotorCity madman, The Nudge, Uncle Ted however you refer to Michigan native Ted Nugent may have played his last Michigan show. The 75-year-old rocker delivered a high octane set for the packed house taking the stage around 8:30 with guitar in hand walking across the stage passing the American flag first addressing the crowd it’s time to celebrate freedom lets be free, lets celebrate opening up the night with a nasty yet graceful guitar rip rendition of the national anthem.

Uncle Ted opened up with his 70’s hit that catapulted him into stardom “Gonzo” what a way to get the juices flowing. I just witnessed, what I heard, back in my school days sick guitar skills some 40 years later and what a treat it was thanks Ted. Having a “Stranglehold” on the night Ted Nugent drummer and Fraser, Michigan native 28-year-old Jason Hartless just abuse’s the sticks during this electrifying jam with bassist Johnny Schoen providing backup vocals and taking lead through out. Speaking of Jason whom I personally don’t know but feel like I do, I will say this Jason does not forget where he came from. What I mean by that in today’s world it’s all social all the time and seeing Jason answer to almost every single post and being outgoing to all his fans says one thing Jason was brought up the right way. In the rock and roll business a lot forget about how it began not Jason. Jason is great at his profession working alongside some of the best in the industry. I remember a time back in the day going to a local bowling alley watching Jason just whale on the kit at a very young age and turning to my longtime friend Scott Legato and saying this dude is going to be amazing going forward to this day I still remember it clearly. Joining the photogs well not quite but close enough from the soundboard was Ted Nugent lovely and talented wife Shemane Nugent rocking out with her husband and greeting all the fans wanting photos with her with full smile not refusing anyone who asked that’s what makes rock and roll extra special taking time for your fans well done Shemane.

Ted Nugent Adios Mofo tour says goodbye to Michigan at Freedom Hill

“Stromtroopin” his way through the set dressed in Khakis, wearing a printed snakeskin shirt, and cowboy hat uncle Ted gave us some “Wang Dang Sweet Pootang” Ted was clearly enjoying himself on stage dedicating the song to all the lovely women in attendance while letting all know his guitars love him and feels the spirit in his fingers while also confirming that hotels are jail and I’m done with that. The highlight of the night came when the MotorCity madman broke into “Come and Take It” which came with chants of ‘Fuck Joe Biden’ A crowd favorite Ted paid homage to bow-hunting legend “Fred Bear” the crowd showing Ted some Michigan love. Ted music and guitar playing still has a lot of fire left in him and we can only hope for some short-city concert dates here in Detroit.

Hometown Artist Jason Hartless performing live at Freedom Hill August 11, 2023.

As the saying goes you save the best for last as was the case with the closing song a Ted Nugent/Amboy Dukes cover “The Great White Buffalo” the roar from the crowd could be heard in surrounding cities. If this is truly the last of Ted, I want to take the time to thank you for the many years of ass kicking, riff laden, shit kicking rock and roll. Michigan “LOVE” to you Uncle Ted. You still have time to catch the tour in a city near you click here for more info. ADIOS MOFOS!

Ted Nugent Rocks Freedom Hill one last time