Godsmack lights up Pine knob Wednesday night

Sully Erna and Godsmack performing live at pine knob August 9, 2023

Pine knob was ablaze Wednesday night when rockers Godsmack along with Staind stopped into party with a few friends and what a party it was. Godsmack is out on tour celebrating their final album “Lightning up the Sky” out now. Kicking off the evening Beastie Boys legend Mix Master Mike with set only a master DJ can do, as fans were still filling in. The iconic DJ is just that iconic and so are his shows.

Beastie Boys legend Mix Master Mike opening for Godsmack live a pine knob August 9, 2023

After a short break Staind took the stage around 7:20 p.m., playing to an already packed amphitheater. The Massachusetts band started the set with “Lowest in Me.” It’s the latest single off their upcoming album, “Confessions of the Fallen.” The band sounded tight and solid from the start of their set to the finish just like it happened some 27 years ago. Band member Aaron Lewis, guitarist Mike Mushok, bass player Johnny April and drummer Sal Giancarelli delivered the one two punch just like a fine well aged wine. The set was heavy on Staind’s more melodic songs, such as “So Far Away,” “Right Here” and “Fade.” The set included tracks “For You” and “Mudshovel.” The pine knob crowd was definitely raging on some high energy including me, this being my first time covering the band. The band is set to release a new album their 8th on September 15 of this year named “Confessions Of The Fallen.”

Aaron Lewis and Staind on tour with Godsmack live at pine knob August 9, 2023

After a quick break and to catch up on some air Godsmack it the stage around 9:20 bringing the pyro and scorching hot flames to the show. Sully Erna and company started the set with “When Legends Rise,” off their 2018 album. Godsmack delivers high energy sets night after night and it shows in their live shows. I’ve seen them perform live twice now and it’s just a total banger. Godsmack delivered plenty of classics “1000hp,” “Voodoo”. They also played tracks off their latest album, “Lighting Up the Sky” “Surrender,” “You and I”. Both bands have dominated the charts back then and still to this day. This tour is high octane and a total rager so bring a neck brace with you unless you like popping some aspirin to get rid of that following morning neck pain and headache you received.

Shannon Larkin of Godsmack performing live at pine knob on August 9, 2023

No one was “Crying like a Bitch” in fact the place went bonkers on the first note. The high light from the evening came mid set when a duel broke out between Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin with their famous Batalla de Los Tambores, a fucking awesome duel full of energy where they also played some snippets of classic by AC/DC, Aerosmith and Metallica holy hell you need to be seated after that. The most memorable high light of the evening came Sully sat down at his piano for a ballad “Under Your Scars” and talked a little about their work with The Scars Foundation, dedicating the song to all those we’ve lost to suicide, depression and all types of mental illnesses, and also to our rock and metal fallen brothers like Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Dimebag Darrell and Eddie Van Halen.

“I Stand Alone” capped off the evening leaving all in attendance not wanting the night to end that’s how Godsmack shows are, but all good things must come to an end. Until next time keep rocking America and checkout the band in a city near you. Below is my gallery.

Godsmack live at Pine knob Wednesday night