THE DOSE Set To Release New Album Titled Saline On March 15th

The Dose
THE band DOSE from L.A. is set to release a new album on March 15th titled “Saline” Heard in their music is 90’s inspired guitar riffs that shred the guitar. “Saline” was produced by Keith Nelson (Buckcherry) and mixed by Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool). The duo brings total passion and energy to their music driven with a purpose. One of my favorites from the 12 song track is “Drown” a song about facing your fears. I totally hear Smashing Pumpkins and definitely one of my favorite bands Alice in Chains. Vocalist/guitarist Indio Downey voice delivers uninterrupted, raw power, which is embraced by their fans. The duo, can be compared to another powerful duo in the business Royal Blood, delivering some much energy you stop and think, is this a 4-piece band.

The entire album is a must get. No mention of tour dates just yet but you may wanna be first in line to get your tickets, sellout’s are going to happen. Another killer track on the album is “Vervain” I’ll supply a link to the video below. The balance of rock and grunge along with the classic sounds are masterful. I will mention Dose didn’t start out as a duo but a trio. it’s been said the bass player was late to a gig leaving Downey and drummer Ralph Alexander to hit the stage to their surprise it was a hit and from that point on they never looked backed. With that said, you now know what I been saying all along sure firepower delivered. Their sounds have gotten rave reviews from the likes of Billboard, LA Weekly, Guitar World to mention a few. Below are some links.

The Dose

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