Blackberry Smoke Leaves The Fillmore ‘Higher Than A Georgia Pine’

The Whippoorwill Tour
Blackberry Smoke

For more than twenty years the Atlanta rockers, Blackberry Smoke have been selling out and rocking venues around the US and the loyal fans are digging it. Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the band breakthrough album The Whippoorwill the tour made a stop in downtown Detroit at the historic Fillmore Thursday night. The album was played in its entirety the eighteen-song set was well received from the nicely packed house. Opening song from the set ‘Six Ways to Sunday’ was a fantastic way to kick off a great evening of music. The southern rock, bluesy rock, country music twang we come to love left everyone with boots stomping, hands waving, hair swinging concert vibe we all crave.

Charlie Starr – Blackberry Smoke at the Fillmore

The band is also promoting their latest album on this tour with its 2021 album “You Hear Georgia” This leg of the tour also has been graced with the return of drummer Brit Turner who suffered a heart attack earlier in the year. This turned into the highlight of night, not only for me but from all in attendance. The band is still touring and will be playing on New Year’s Eve in Chattanooga with the War Hippies at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium. Ring in the New Year in style. Get out and catch a kickass show you won’t regret, all while falling in love with some great Sunday, top down, hair flying, system up, tunes rocking out the ride kind of day.

Brit Turner – Blackberry Smoke – The Fillmore on 12-15-22

Below is my gallery from that night. Thanks for viewing and remember America, Horns Up and keep rocking!

Blackberry Smoke rocks the Fillmore in downtown Detroit