DONDI Releases New Music Video “Swim In Your Skin”


If your into Luther Vandross, Jeffery Osborne or Kem your going to love the Philadelphia-based soul artist Dondi dives into the summer season with the release of his latest single and music video “Swim In Your Skin.” This mid-tempo R&B track focuses on the magnitude of human connection. Following an isolating year void of physical touch, Dondi sets out to remind all the power of kinship, be it between friends, family members or romantic partners. The music video finds the soul singer partnering up with longtime collaborator, director Emily Treu. Filmed in the heart of Philadelphia at Hodgepodge Studios, this minimalist video utilizes natural light to illuminate and convey the raw emotion behind the track. “Swim In Your Skin” is set to be released July 1, 2021.

With a career spanning many years, the Philadelphia native has performed and worked alongside some of music’s greats. Employing pointers picked up throughout his career, the singer-songwriter has taken the reins on his upcoming project Swim In Your Skin, out August 6th, by writing, producing and engineering the entire album. The 12-track soul album will touch on a multitude of universal subjects including family, love and friendships.

Be sure to check out Dondi and his latest music video for his single “Swim In Your Skin,” out Thursday, July 1, 2021. Also look out for his new album Swim In Your Skin, out August 6, 2021.

Four-time Global Music Award winner Dondi has been performing for most of his life. From age 8 to 16, Dondi performed with the Philadelphia Musical Academy Boys Choir. He made the choice to join the US Army and after being away from music, he realized that music was his true passion. After returning, he started playing the Philadelphia music scene, eventually becoming the frontman for the JellyRoll event band. With the band, Dondi had the opportunity to perform at high-profile places, including the White House, Madison Square Garden, and the Democratic National Convention.

After 19 years as a frontman, Dondi was inspired to step out on his own, not only writing and recording his own music but also producing. Dondi took his first three albums as a learning experience, teaching himself producing, writing, and digital audio mixing.

Dondi’s fourth album, Swim In Your Skin, has served as a true breakthrough for him, not only as a producer but as a writer and an artist. Inspired by the pandemic and the multitude of social justice movements in the past year, Swim In Your Skin serves as an ode to love — love of a person, love of yourself, and love for mankind. Swim In Your Skin is set to be released on August 6th.

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