Destination UnKnown
Signal 13 is a contemporary rock band formed in Baltimore. The band paying homage to the classic rock sounds displayed in their latest release, the 5-song EP, ‘Destination Unknown’ which was released on Friday. The band is led by front-woman, Vicky Starr and joined by guitarists Johnathan Lassiter and Chris Starr, bassist Patrick Jenkins, and drummer Johnny Sexx. They recently shot a video for their kick-off single, “Dirty.” “We went for the ‘less is more for sure’ on the set for this video,” said Johnathan. “The only thing we probably didn’t need more of was actual dirt! We filmed at a pipe bending factory that has some historical ties to the band. Vicky’s Grandfather was involved in the water systems of the infrastructure of Baltimore and she grew up spending time with him traveling the city. The location of the video was a very blue-collar suburb of working-class America and is deeply connected to the band as a whole. It seemed to fit the style and song not to mention, you can never have too much pyro in rock and roll?!” Drummer, Johnny Sexx’s recollections of the video are succinct – “It was cold and definitely DIRTY!” The video can be viewed in link provided below.

“’Dirty’ is one of those songs that will have different meanings to the listener,” stated Chris. “Initially it was about working hard and getting your hands dirty, but as the song developed, it became more about ‘dirty’ politicians or corrupt business people with no moral compass. Then there’s the sexual theme, which may be what some folks will think it’s about, but there is much more to it if you listen to the lyrics.” Check out the video Dirty in the link below.

Dirty video