Planet Zero hits Pine knob Wednesday night

SHINEDOWN Planet Zero tour hits Pine Knob, September 21, 2002

SHINEDOWN brought their “Planet Zero” tour to Pine Knob music theatre Wednesday night making for a great concert on last summer kind of day in Michigan. This was my second time covering a SHINEDOWN show, and I didn’t think it was possible to be better than the first show “Attention Attention”, but it was just that a banger! Joining Shinedown on tour was a couple of Tennesse boys opening up the night was John Harvie followed up by the fan all around the US none other than Jelly Roll. Hitting the stage around seven was John Harvie dressed in leather and ready to take on Pine Knob. A first for me seeing Harvie I can tell you he brings some energy to the stage along with the band taking it up a level. The half hour set was pretty entertaining, the early arrivals in attendance were treated to a nice set.

John Harvie on tour with Shinedown.

Pine Knob was filling up quickly waiting for Jelly Roll. Smiles and cheers could be seen and heard everywhere you looked. It wasn’t hard to notice the emotions Jelly Roll brings. Everyone was in for a treat, even the photographers. Normally it’s three songs and get out. Not tonight, we were able to shoot the whole set! As mentioned about Harvie Jelly Roll was a first live show I seen. I can see why he is loved around the US. During his set Jelly Roll took the time to show some major love to the state of Michigan. As you would expect Jell Roll was received with some very loud screams. That wasn’t the loudest ovation, oh no, that came when Jelly Roll stopped and mentioned that there isn’t any other “fucking” weed better than Michigan weed, if you didn’t have a set of earplugs then too bad for you it got loud in there. Jelly Roll set was fantastic singing and rapping everything under the sun. Songs like “Sweet home Alabama” “Smells like Teen Spirit” during which Zach Myers joined to throw down some dope lyrics. Yes, that Zach Myers from SHINEDOWN, two Tennesse boys throwing some lyrics.

Jelly Roll and Zach Myers on stage at Pine Knob September 21, 2022

The sellout crowd was ready, the packed pavilion was standing and cheering ready to rock, the hill was a sea of people fully engaged and ready to erupt. Darkness appeared and so did two huge screens and out of the dark four band members appeared to greet the crowd in a nice line formation, SHINEDOWN was here! Pine knob was in love, and it was on from there. Opening up the set the band chose “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo” the band paid tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) with a short few seconds of “HERO” after which Brent Smith kissed his hand and throw up the peace sign to the Michigan night (CHEERS, CHEERS). Emotions could be seen and felt in attendance from young to old, from couples to friends, everyone felt the love Bent Smith was delivering. I have been saying it for a while now Brent Smith is a standout individual in every which way you can imagine.

Brent Smith – pine knob – September 21, 2022

Zach Myers was his usual beast on guitar on this night, with a lot of energy delivered. Maybe the workouts are paying off, either way it was electric. Barry Kerch and Eric Bass can’t be left out. Kerch was amazing as usual on the drums while Bass was delivering the jumps and energy only the best on bass can deliver. Amazing pyros and light show served as the backdrop, while cell phone lights added to the ambiance making for a killer concert scene. The 18-song set was a nice blend of old and new, SHINEDOWN has had a stellar 21 year run so far with no signs of letting up. Highlight moment alert was when Jelly Roll joined the boys on stage to sing “Simple Man” people in attendance could be seen with phone in hand doing live feeds or taking videos of themselves sharing the everlasting moment from the night, a night for the memory books, like I said earlier it was that emotional of a night. Closing the set was one of my personal favorites “The Sound of Madness” also a showstopper of a tune. The crowd left the venue on some pretty high emotions and happy times to last a week or two. The tour runs till October 22, 2022, in the US at the Thunder Beach motorcycle rally in Panama City, FLA. before the band heads across the pond to kick off a European tour starting in Belgium on November 7th.

Below are some SHINEDOWN Planet Zero links and a photo gallery from that night. Remember America, horns up and keep rocking!

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My SHINEDOWN photo gallery from that night is below.

SHINEDOWN Nation at Pine Knob

Planet Zero tour ‘One for the books’ at pine knob