Queensryche silents Saint Andrews Hall

Saint Andrews Hall – Detroit, Michigan

Queensryche debuted in 1980 and yes, I was still in school listening to them rock the local radio channel here in Detroit on WRIF the riff rocks to the locals around town and well, I didn’t think for a moment I would be doing this photography gig which has now grown into a love and passion kind of thing. Fastforward to Sunday night in downtown Detroit and I’m about to cover the band that was on everyone’s Kenwood stereo system at the local weekend parties around town. The progressive metal rockers Queensryche along with Marty Friedman and Trauma were in town celebrating the Digital noise Alliance album, this album sends you back to the classic Queensryche sounds we grew up to.

Opening up the sold-out show at Saint Andrews Hall was Trauma a great heavy hitting metal band surely to please metalhead nation. New singer Brian Allen who joined in 2021 is banging the mic with all kinds of high-octane vocals. I seen Allen before with the band Dark Sky Choir right here in this very same building downstairs known as The Shelter. Dark Sky Choir put on a killer set. Of note John Moyer from Disturbed was playing bass at the time what a treat that was. The six-song set was fire to say the least, highlighted by the ending song “Death of an Angel” what a face ripper that was. This is the kind of song you put on to keep your neighbors in check, we all have them. SAH is a cozy kind of setting for concerts holding about a thousand people, so it was easy to see the crowd getting lathered up quickly.

After Trauma’s set, the stage was getting setup for the next band to hit the stage. The goosebumps were starting to hit hard and chants of Marty, Marty, Marty rang out. Up next the guitar slayer formerly of Megadeath Marty Friedman came out to a loud roar with swaying hands in the air throwing some horns and plenty of heads rocking back and forth. I seen Marty back in 2019 at Diesel Concert Lounge up in Chesterfield, Michigan for the first time along with my good friend and fellow photographer Joe Orlando who was blown away by Marty’s set. We both were in awe, what command Marty had with his guitar a true technician and master of the guitar. The seven-song set was a true masterpiece bringing you along for the ride every step of the way to the very end. If you never seen Marty live then shame on you, get your ass out there and see for yourself and see one of the best drummers live, the name Chargeee. Chargeee energy level is kind of like mixing a case of red bulls together with shots of expresso holy hell if you don’t get goosebumps from that then well your dead simple as that. One can hope that the drum set is properly anchored with the beating the kit takes. Highlight of the set was a Megadeath track “Tornado of Souls” filled with brilliant guitar rips and shreds, you just want to kick back and close your eyes and take it all in guaranteed you will be in a much better place afterwards.

Marty Friedman at Saint Andrews Hall

The nine o’clock hour was upon us and while they were getting the stage ready for Queensryche the last song heard over the PA system was from Pantera throwing everybody into a frenzy the sing a long was heard loud and clear “Walk” was taking over SAH. The lights went dim and out comes the band I grew up with, Queensryche was front and center. Todd La Torre is a perfect fit replacing (Geoff Tate) came out with guns blazing with some killer vocals all while taking you on a journey to the classic Queensryche days and back again. Speaking of back in the day you’re going to be down with “Child of Fire” Todd is displaying his dynamic pipes mixed in with some high-pitched screams leaving you to wonder is that Geoff or Todd La Torre. Original guitarist Michael Wilton was dropping solos all night long and going back and forth with Stone throwing an extra jolt of energy into everyone’s coffee.

Speaking of that kick in the ass song we all need is from their new album “Digital noise Alliance” Ryche comes with “In Extremis” talk about a barn burner holy hell this song has it all and judging from the crowd reaction they agreed. Ryche is back and their coming for you. Two highlights from the set were “Jet city Woman” a definite trip down memory lane from the 90’s. The encore songs were for us older folks’ “Deliverance” it’s been a while for this one off the band’s first album the “Warning” in 1984 and “Roads to Madness” One thing is for certain and that’s the Queensryche faithful fully embrace Todd La Torre, I mean why wouldn’t you. The night was a memorable one from the Michael Wilton (original member) shreds and solos to the phenomenal pipes from Todd La Torre not to forget the incredible bass skills from Eddie Jackson (original member) along with drummer Casey Grillo (ex-Kamelot drummer) banging the kit and lastly guitar shredder in his own rights Mike Stone. I can’t say enough about Sunday night you will just have to get out and see for yourself in a city near you. Below is my galley from Saint Andrews Hall. Horns up America keep rocking!

Queensryche at Saint Andrews Hall

Five more dates are left on this tour are you one of the lucky ones.