Joyous Wolf Coming To The Machine Shop

War Paint Tour 2019
Nick Reese and the rock band from Southern California JOYOUS WOLF will be bringing their high energy set to the Machine Shop on Wednesday June 26th in support of Buckcherry. JOYOUS WOLF released their Roadrunner Records debut EP, Place in Time BACK ON April 19, 2019. Joyous Wolf will be performing at this year’s Louder Than Life Festival on Friday, September 27th in Louisville, KY. I’ve seen JW twice now and simple put, a must see for sure. Lead singer Nick Reese brings extremely high energy and stage performance to every show. As a first time fan you must be on your toe’s with Nick at all times. Guitarist Blake Allard shred’s the guitar on a nightly basis bringing high energy and pure passion to the loyal JW fans. The Cali rockers are no doubt on the up rise signing with Roadrunner Records. Gaining in popularity
Blake Allard
Blake Allard and Verizon wireless have launched a campaign add which can be seen here. The world famous Machine Shop is in for one hell of a night. Don’t miss Buckcherry “War Paint” and Joyous Wolf. Click here for further info. Here is a clip from the band doing Mississippi Queen totally killing it I might add.