The Black Crowes and Dirty Honey Tour Kicks Off

Rock and Roll is back and America is ready to rock! The Black Crowes are ready to hit the stage again and their bringing a little honey with them and it’s of the dirty variety. The L.A. band know as Dirty Honey, one of rock music’s most dynamic new bands, opened the “Shake Your Money Maker Tour” Tuesday night with a set that was loaded with riffs, hooks, melodic swagger, soaring vocals, and the band’s timeless balls-to-the-walls rock sound. The 55-minute set was packed with many of Dirty Honey‘s most popular songs, including “Gypsy,” “The Wire,” “Another Last Time,” “Take My Hand,” and their current hit “California Dreamin‘” – all cuts from the band’s recent debut album. Dirty Honey also reached back to their 2019 debut EP for the sexy, bluesy, riff-rich rock of “Rollin’ 7s,” and their debut track, the #1 Billboard smash, “When I’m Gone.” As one concertgoer remarked, the set was “all killer, no filler.” For more info follow the links below.

Catch the Black Crowes and Dirty Honey tour when boy’s hit the stage on July 29th at DTE in Clarkston, MI.

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