The River is Rising tour rages through the Fillmore

Slash feat Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

Friday night at the historic Fillmore in the heart of downtown Detroit, rock icons Slash feat Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators brought their highly anticipated “The River is Rising tour” to the MotorCity. Fans from across the Detroit River in Canada and all across Michigan were about to be wowed. The Fillmore crowd was a mix of old and new rockers all coming together for what was going to be a ass kicking show.

PLUSH rocks the Fillmore Friday night in downtown Detroit

Opening up the night was the all-female band from New York PLUSH. This was a first for me hearing this band. The ladies knocked it out of the park. You want to hear some great rock and roll you need to come and check them out you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure. The seven song set was rocking for sure playing tracks from their latest album PLUSH out now to rocking a Heart track we all know. The NY rockers broke out to Hearts “Barracuda” and it was banging, I mean fire! just an incredible display of talent and the Fillmore crowd let them know with loud cheers, horns up and a lot of foot stomping, head rocking, trip down memory lane vibes felt clear up to the top of the Fillmore.

After a few minutes to regroup from that set the night was about to get busy. Shortly before nine guitar legend Slash feat Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators take the stage to a loud roar that could be heard from our neighbors over in Canada. Slash, dressed in his trademark top hat and sunglasses Slash delivers immediately with amazing guitar riffs along with some killer sticks from Brent Fitz before the strong chords from Myles Kennedy kicks in and open up with “Driving Rain” of the bands “Living the Dream” album. The night was only going to get better. Perhaps one of the greatest guitarists in the business Slash, outside of GNR, Velvet Revolver, stays busy making music and sharing the love with his fans. That is evident with the latest album release titled 4. Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) and The Conspirators put together a gem of album. The show featured tracks from all four of the bands albums.

The evening was packed full with guitar solo’s only Slash can deliver with such grace and high energy a true showman in his element which was on display in Slash’s Snakepit song “Speed Parade” this track is loaded with everything you could want in a rock and roll song, a heavy dose of rock was being injected into the veins of the sold out crowd in attendance. Slash let the faithful know that Detroit is one of his favorite cities of all time. The Fillmore goes into a frenzy of loud cheer’s and plenty of horns up. Last time Slash played the Fillmore was back in 2015. Quoted from the guitar slayer himself “I looked it up, I love this fucking theater” it’s so fucking rock and roll. Slash delivers a banger of a guitar solo after juicing up Slash nation with that bit of Fillmore history.

Other highlights of note was when Todd Kerns took lead vocals for “Doctor Alibi” sung by the one and only Lemmy Kilmister and also a track sung by Lenny Kravitz’s “Always on the Run”. The fan fav of the night came twice and it all started with Elton Johns “Rocket Man” Myles Kennedy voice absolutely shines with such grace and emotion, the commanding vocals spread through the crowd filling the packed house with that warm kind of cozy feeling while taking you back in time, cell phones were out in full force for this one. Myles Kennedy vocals were definitely highlighted all evening long. The one hour and fifty eight minute twenty one song set ended with everyone’s favorite “Anastasia” a track packed full of guitar solo’s, the packed Fillmore definitely showed their love and wasn’t ready to leave just yet. All good things must come to a end, take a bow, you definitely delivered that special moment that will also be remembered every time we step foot inside the historic venue and we thank you for that. Below is a show gallery.

Slash feat Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Play the Fillmore in downtown Detroit