The Rock Resurrection tour leaves its mark on the Fillmore Wednesday night

The Fillmore in downtown Detroit

The Fillmore in downtown Detroit was alive and well Wednesday night throwing horns for the Rock Resurrection tour making a stop in Michigan. This event was pretty much sold-out with pre-concert low tickets alert updated daily on socials. The tour was amazing and the fans at the Fillmore thought so as well. Doors were at six with people standing in the rain to get in as parts of Michigan were under a winter ice warning.

Adam Gontier – Saint Asonia – The Fillmore

The weather certainly didn’t bother the folks in line. Honestly for me on the way there it was all rain. The first band of the night was Saint Asonia formed in Toronto, Cananda back in 2015 after Adam Gontier’s departure from Three Days Grace in 2013. First time for me seeing Saint Asonia and first impression was pretty bad ass. The eight-song set opened with “BETTER PLACE” of their 2015 album Saint Asonia. Gontiers vocals on this tune were filled with emotion with some deep rips, and certainly banging with high energy. Highlights of the set came with two covers from Three Days Grace starting with “NEVER TOO LATE” off their One-X album released in 2008. The other cover song titled “I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU” released in 2003. The reaction was the one you know, you get goosebumps from. Standing in line you hear everything from the set one being I didn’t know I was going to a Three Days Grace concert, I mean Saint Asonia. Don’t take it wrong it was a way of saying bad ass which they did.

Saint Asonia – The Fillmore – Downtown Detroit

That was a nice warm up for the band Skillet coming up next. By now the venue is very busy, clear to the top of the Fillmore. If you never been to a Skillet show or it’s not your bag, reconsider and go checkout the high octan Christian rockers from Memphis, Tennesse. The set will be a full blown in your face kinda night for you with no regrets. The fourteen-song set will leave you with morning after neck pain. Opening things up with “FEEL INVINCIBLE” not only opening up the set but coming with an immediate face melt track wow! Korey Cooper the female bad ass guitar player comes packed with a night full of energy, I’m talking voltage wise energy complete with guitar rips, jumps, all while throwing in some vocals. Speaking of letting it loose husband and lead singer/guitar player John Cooper is wired up just as much as his wife Korey. I’ll tell you what it is amazing seeing both of them share their emotions with us musically and the crowd is 100% with them. One of the fan favorite from the set tour is “SURVIVING THE GAME” from the bands latest album “DOMINION” John is geared up and ready for the CO2 cannons and for a few minutes during the song shoots off the cannons to the delight of the crowd, loud cheers could be heard from Canada.

Skillet energizes the Fillmore

Highlight of note was Skillet new drummer Jen Ledger joining in on “AWAKE AND ALIVE” with John Cooper certainly a good for the soul vibe. The stage for Skillet was a pretty good-sized complete with pyros and going end to end at the Fillmore which by the has a decent sized stage. Loud roars were ear popping when the band members were lifted up and down on, I’ll call them pedestals ripping the guitar chords one by one it was certainly cool to see in a smaller venue as to your bigger venues. Did I not say Skillet set was packed with energy, well it went a up notch when former Three Days Grace and current lead singer from Saint Asonia Adam Gontiers joined John on “FINISH LINE” Takes from this track are life related in a way to never give up, to keep pushing no matter the struggle you never know what’s at the end. This is my second time covering Skillet and it was a total banger. Skillet plays with some deep passion a passion they truly love and continue to share with the Skillet Army around the world. There is a reason why the tour is selling out, don’t be the one left out looking in.

John Cooper – Skillet – The Fillmore – Detroit – 2 -22 – 23

How is that set going to be followed up well you welcome Theory of a Deadman to the stage. The lights went out and “SWEET CAROLINE’ begins to play. From far and wide it’s a true singalong and a great way to open up a set. The crowd danced and sang from the very being only to be heard down Woodward singing “so good, so good” getting wound up in the process. The British Columbia band opens with “DINOSAUR” definitely a riff driven song getting the crowd juiced while Tyler Connolly delivers his message with some toughness. The release date for “DINOSAUR” is March 17, 2023 Saint Patrick’s Day so don’t be late. The fourteen-song set had a little bit of everything I must say. The stage design was pretty cool, the drummer was on the high tier level of things making for a cool visual and complete with pyros and the usual haze. Crowd reaction is everything and you just know when a tune hits differently like the track “BITCH COME BACK” during this song guitar riffs are a plenty as well as the horns displayed high in the air waving them like they just don’t care. The song is about a ending break up making for a powerful emotion taken in by TOAD fans who some can relate to. Music helps to heal the soul I’m sure you knew that right. Slowing things down a bit and “THE” highlight of the night was the cover from Chris Isaak’s “WICKED GAME” holy hell goosebumps take it easy. Tyler is as they say, a rockstar with the vocals on this cover played on the piano that was wheeled center stage it was simply amazing to witness live.

Tyler Connolly – Theory of a Deadman – The Fillmore

Speaking of highlights, I was digging on the catchy tune “AMBULANCE” this song is definitely one for a good banger party or a nice summer drive with the windows down and the system up. It kind of has a country rap beat to it which oddly I enjoy as I’m not much of a country fan. If you’re the Acoustic kind of music listener, the “ANGEL” is for you. Connolly with the slicked back hair shows us a thing or two about acoustic soul with a hair-raising rendition. The tour will be one for the books at the Fillmore, there have been countless acts that played the historic venue it will be hard to top the energy level the tour brought to down downtown Detroit. The tour is just kicking off so head out and get your tickets to a city near you. As always America ‘Horns up and keep Rocking.’

Theory of a Deadman plays the Fillmore